Organizer 笠置町, 中野方町, 飯地町(岐阜県恵那市)

Produced by CARABINA

Filmed by Shingo Teshima

Presented 笠置町観光協会, 中野方町観光協会, 飯地町観光協会, 望郷の森キャンプ場, 飯地高原自然テント村, 不動滝やさいの会, 飯中笠クラブ, 笠置クライミングクラブ, 三町の住民の皆様


PROJECT HISTORY. If children can decide what they want to learn by themselves. If children go out of the classroom and spend days in the great wide somewhere. We are sure that it will be to ” Living in the moment “.

The idea that we have passion is paradigm shift of educational view starting from believing in children.

We ask children about where is your passion. We listen to the voices of children. We’ll leave decision to children. Children can play and craft in a place they want to go. We will talk with children in around a bonfire. We will think and enjoy together. There is no need to compete. Be your own pace.

I think that cooperation of diverse adults is essential for realizing this ideal. This time, the administration of Ena-shi, Gifu Prefecture, the local residents, the private organization, and the CARABINA team cooperate. We haven’t any title. We are one team. We will think about “living in the moment” and we will enjoy more than children.

The field is the whole three town. Children can go anywhere. Children can decide themselves. LET’S HANG OUT!

Enjoy the short film!

Organizer Kasagi-cho, Nakanohou-cho, Iiji-cho(Ena, Gifu ,Japan)

Produced by CARABINA

Filmed by Shingo Teshima

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